Mentor with Maddie

I wouldn't be where I am today without the help of a community of photographers that have helped me a long the way. I also wouldn't be where I am without investing each year in my own education. As I've grown as a photographer, I wanted to put together a small mentorship program to help those who are just starting out. I cannot overstate the importance of investing in yourself!! Whether it's simply time you're devoting to education by reading blogs or watching YouTube videos, or an actual course or mentorship with another photographer, this is the stuff that makes us better and better each year. It's everything!

Here are a few commonly asked questions about my mentorship program:

Do I have to live in South Dakota to mentor with you?

No! I have a few different options for mentoring that will allow us to mentor via the Internet, too. We use use Skype, Google Hangouts, or even email. Even an old-fashioned phone call works.

What is all covered in a mentoring workshop?

Every session is totally customized to what you feel could help you improve the most. What do you really need help with? What are you struggling on? There is no set plan when we book a mentoring session. It's totally based on your need at the time.

Do you take my photos during our mentor workshop?

Oh girl, yassss. A mini-headshot session is included in my half day and full day mentorships. They're super fun and casual and yes, you'll look amazing.

What programs do you use to edit?

I shoot all RAW images. I do all basic adjustments (white balance, exposure, etc.) in Lightroom. Typically all of my editing is done in Lightroom. Any more invasive editing (head swapping, cloning, background stretching) is done in Photoshop. I strongly believe in the power of Lightroom to speed up editing!

I will do my best to be there for you and help you along your journey. Want to discuss confidence, natural lighting, post-production, how to get started, branding, social media presence, critique? I've got you covered.

Mentorship Workshop Pricing

1 Hr Video/Phone Call: $250

1 Video/Phone Call a week for 4 Weeks: $550 ($450 savings)

1/2 Day One-on-One (4 Hours): $650

Full Day One-on-One Mentorship (7 Hrs): $1250

*Full day session includes a shoot-along & headshot mini-session. Half day session includes a headshot mini-session.