Thea, South Dakota High School Senior | Mitchell High School

Thea was such a breath of fresh air to photograph! I loved that she had her own style that was so true and unique to her personality. Not to mention she is beautiful. Her fair, porcelain skin and auburn hair was so fantastic to get in front of my camera!

thea mitchell sd senior photos_0004.jpg

Thea and I started her senior session in downtown Sioux Falls for a cool, urban vibe. Her bright red lace dress popped off the concrete and she killed it. Her hair and makeup totally completed the look perfectly (I loved her red lips!). 

thea mitchell sd senior photos_0002.jpg

From there, we moved to Rotary Park in Sioux Falls and took a few photos on a bridge. We had to dodge some runners and bikers, but it was totally worth it. She just looked so cool leaning up against the rails! 

thea mitchell sd senior photos_0003.jpg

This series is my FAVE!! Thea has a great smile and was a fantastic poser in front of the camera, but she really shined when we did some candid-style imagery and kept things a little less formal. She basically turned her model on and it was amazing! I love the shot of her hair flip - it was probably one of my favorites of the entire year. 

nicole previews_0009.jpg

Thea, thank you so much for letting me be part of your senior year! I absolutely loved working with you and getting to know you better, and I hope you have an amazing rest of your senior year.

thea-11_mitchell sd wedding.jpg