Simon Patrick: 6 Months Old

simon six months old

Half a year! This kid is 6 months old! 

Height/Weight: Around 14 pounds and 25 or 26 inches. (Precision! Don't be intimidated by my skillz.)

simon flying

He loves: mornings, being thrown in the air, his paci, Kim (our daycare lady who he shamelessly flirts with), people watching, other babies and kids, dogs, tummy time (FINALLY), Snapchat/Facetime, the mirror (so...Simon loves Simon), jumping, cuddling, being held, playing, eating.


He doesn't love: nap time (this remains more difficult for him!), being too tired (IRONIES), peeing through his clothes (this has been fun), being hungry, not getting ALL THE ATTENTION.


Clothing size: 3-6 months and growing!

fishing with dad

Diaper size: 2 during the day, 3 at night. Because pee. So much pee.

play time

Exciting things this month: Simon went on his first camping trip! We had so much fun, even if nap time was a bit of a challenge. Camping is different with this kid, but I don't mind too much. I love the excuse to nap when he does :) 


We also got Simon's 6 month photos done with Jessica! This lady is one of my closest friends, and INSANELY TALENTED. She is a baby whisperer, for real. I am basically the world's worst photography client and she's patient with me and creates amazing images. Here are just a few faves from our Mommy and Me mini session after Sy's 6 month photos (that I haven't ordered yet - because I am the worst): 

Again: Jessica from Jessica Bonestroo Photography. Hire her for all things baby because she's a goddess and I don't know how she does it!

Things I never want to forget about Simon at this age: I think I've probably said this before, but it's been so fun as Simon has gotten older and really knows who Jeff and I are. He gets excited when we're around, and if we leave the room he gets excited when we come back. He recognizes our faces and voices and it melts my heart! 

Milestones this month: Simon has gotten REALLY good at tummy time! It took a while but he finally really enjoys it (usually). He also loves to roll. He'll typically keep going until he runs into something. 

How I'm feeling: GOOD. I'm really, really happy. We're tired, and our house is a disaster, and sometimes we have chips and salsa and beer for dinner, but every day we get to wake up to that kid. Sometimes it's at 5AM, sometimes it's not, but we're always thankful--honestly. He is so fun, so funny, and so sweet. I can't believe we ever lived without him.