Veda Marilyn: Two Months Old

veda simple milestone photo

Height/Weight: I weighed Veda at two months and she clocked in at 14 lbs. The doctor's scale at her two month appointment was a little lower, than that, so I'd say she's between 12-14 lbs., probably on the bigger side. She's hefty and I LOVE IT. 

She loves: She would still much rather be held than not, but we've discovered THE SWING and lives have been changed. She'll chill in it, sleep in it, just be happy in it, and we are thrilled. She may go to college with it but WHATEVER.

She doesn't love: Veda wasn't very old when she started realizing when I would leave the room, and she's not a fan. Crazy! She is just so different from Simon - or I'm remembering it totally differently. Simon spent much of my maternity leave chilling on the floor, staring at the ceiling fan, and Veda is quite literally above that life. 

Clothing size: 0-3 months and growing! I don't have much after 3-6 months, and I think we're gonna need those bigger sizes before we know it. 

Diaper size: Still 1.

Exciting things this month: Veda met Santa (Simon was less than thrilled) and celebrated her first Christmas. We got to see tons of family and Veda made us tag team standing and swaying during Christmas mass. Christmas was easier than Thanksgiving, but still a challenge with our girl. 

Things I never want to forget about Veda at this age: Any day that Veda is hard, when she falls asleep on me it totally makes up for it. She's the best snuggler in the world, and while I'm still getting used to having a baby like that, I'm loving the cuddles. It's the sweetest.

Milestones this month: Toward the end of Veda's second month we moved her into her own room because we noticed that she was make little noises in the night and I would immediately grab her to feed her. After a couple nights where she would sleep for long stretches, we realized she probably wasn't hungry, and may even put herself back to sleep if we let her settle in. It was a tough transition for a bit, but it's proven to be AWESOME now that she is in her own space (AND I HAVE MY SIDE OF THE BEDROOM BACK). 

She's not quite sleeping through the night (she has, she just doesn't consistently), but she usually only wakes up once, maybe twice a night, and easily goes back down. So we can't complain too much. Sometimes we talk about how we forget she's just two months old, and we have to chill a little bit. Re-adjusting to newborn life is weird! 

How I'm feeling: I've definitely had some days on maternity leave where I didn't want to be on maternity leave anymore. And honestly, I didn't know that was possible because I had such a relaxing leave with Simon. Veda is a different baby, and I'm getting closer to accepting that. She's so sweet and we love her so much - she's just challenging. And that makes it harder to feel like myself, because the baby blues are REAL and that much harder when your baby won't stop crying. 

Honestly, it's getting better but it's still hard. I don't want to forget that, because I definitely romanticize the newborn bubble, and the reality is it's hard. But babies don't stay newborns! That's already so clear.