Veda Marilyn: Three Months Old

veda simple baby milestone photo

Oh, Veda Marilyn, you. are. fun. 

Right on cue - it's time for me to head back to work, and Veda has kicked the newborn phase to the curb and replaced our tiny newborn with a crazy sweet, fun baby. Even though the timing is rotten, we are so thankful!

Height/Weight: Around 14 lbs. She's got the best rolls!

She loves: Faces! She just lights up when she sees familiar faces (loves mom, dad and Simon), and really loves people wearing glasses. She's also still a big fan of her swing, and she sleeps best in her DockATot. She's still a snuggle bunny so that contraption really helps. She also LOVES bathtime and it's so cute to see her happily kick in the water!

She doesn't love: This list is getting a lot shorter :) Veda definitely has big tells when she is tired or hungry, but otherwise she is such a sweet, happy baby. I honestly think it will just continue as she becomes more mobile because she definitely prefers being part of the action!

Clothing size: Mostly 3-6 months at this point. 

Diaper size: 1 - and we need to size up soon!

Exciting things this month: I went back to work and Veda started daycare, and she has been perfect, despite me being stressed about it for my last two weeks of maternity leave. I thought for sure she'd get us fired from daycare with her incessant crying and lack of naps, but in the days before I started work, Veda started periodically sleeping through the night, taking better naps, and just being so happy all the time! The girl has some interesting timing but we'll take it.   

Things I never want to forget about Veda at this age: The way she lights up when she sees anyone in our family melts my whole heart. She smiles with her entire body and I couldn't love it more. 

Milestones this month: Veda giggled for the first time AND started sleeping through the night much more consistently. Jeff and I had our first night away from both kids, and while we were gone by mom stayed with the kids and Veda slept about 8/9-6 both days. For the most part, that schedule has held. It's not super uncommon for her to wake up around 3 sometimes, but we honestly don't mind since she barely wakes up and goes right back down.  

How I'm feeling: The adjustment back into the real world has been a hard one, and I knew it would be. The nice thing about the second time around is that I'm fully aware that this season of life is just a season...but it's still hard. I just feel like there's never enough time because every second of our days are packed. But by the same token, every second of our days are also mostly really good. Our kids are so happy and fun. It's hard, but we know we are so lucky.