Natalie + Nathan: Romantically Rustic South Dakota Wedding

My job is always the easiest when a couple wears their love for each other on their sleeves, and if I had to think of two lovebirds that embodied that trait, it's Natalie and Nate. These two were practically glowing all day long, filled with so much joy that they'd soon be husband and wife. Nothing could dampen their day!

I was so thrilled to meet Nat the morning of her wedding at Envy Hair Salon on the outskirts of Mitchell, SD. Holy cats guys–the natural light in this place was a photographer's dream. Getting ready photos in a place like this!? YUP. All day errr day.

kriese wedding blog_0002.jpg

Natalie blew me away with all the little details she had collected for me to photograph. I was obsessed with the little wood slices and pinecones! 

Nate looked so confident and handsome. A huge shoutout to my second shooter, Tyler Lawrence of Lawrence Imagery for hanging with him that morning to get some of these awesome shots. So good! I love working with him. 

kriese wedding blog_0004.jpg

It was super important to Natalie to have a first look with her dad before going to meet Nathan, and I'm so glad we took the time to do it. It was possibly the sweetest moment of the day. Her dad looked so proud! I love the little tear in Nat's eye in the last photo.

kriese wedding blog_0005.jpg

Natalie and Nate wrote each other love letters and started their first look back to back. It was SUCH a cool moment and really built up the tension before they got to see each other! 

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While we wanted to make sure we got tons of outdoor portraits, a few classic church portraits were high on Natalie's priority list. I absolutely love how all of these turned out. Their church was so gorgeous! 

kriese wedding blog_0013.jpg
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After ceremony portraits?! YES PLEASE. Seriously, I could shoot these all day. I always tell brides and grooms, whatever you're going to hang on your walls, let's spend the most time capturing THAT. Most of the time, it's photos of the two of you, so I love when couples make these moments a priority. SO special! And to top it off, Nathan gifted Natalie with a surprise second wedding band during the ceremony. I may have turned a little green with envy - her ring is GORGEOUS! 

kriese wedding blog_0017.jpg

This was my first wedding shot at this venue, and Natalie and Nathan blew it out of the water. Their decor was top notch and the space was totally filled with beauty. I loved all the romantic, rustic centerpieces and table decor.

kriese wedding blog_0018.jpg

But honestly - the highlight was the s'mores bar! This was so cool. There were tons of marshmallow, chocolate and graham cracker combinations to choose from and guests could roast their own marshmallows right in the middle of the reception. I may have indulged in one...or two...

kriese wedding blog_0021.jpg

Natalie and Nathan, I'm so thankful I was able to share in all the joy of your wedding day! There isn't a more deserving couple of all the love from family and friends that surrounded you two on September 9, and to be able to witness and capture it was honestly an honor. Thank you, and cheers to many, many years!