Amanda + Ben: Blush, Mint and Gray South Dakota Spring Wedding

It's funny how some couples are just lucky. When we got together for Amanda and Ben's engagement session last fall, it was cold and a little windy, but beautifully overcast and perfect for photos. We shot with every last ounce of light and I loved getting to know this couple that I had only ever met before through email. 

On their wedding day–Memorial Day weekend, and notoriously rainy–it was beautiful again. We had the slightest morning showers and then perfectly room temperature weather with overcast skies–again, perfect for photos. 

But the funny thing about these lucky couples I think, is that it really wouldn't matter one bit what the weather looked like on their wedding day, or if the flowers showed up late, or the food was wrong. None of that would matter because they just love being together. That's what's so lucky about Amanda and Ben. 

The day may have been perfect, but even if it hadn't been, it wouldn't have mattered. Amanda and Ben's biggest strength is making each other laugh. They're in love, they have fun, and when you're around them, you know it! We had such a blast on their wedding day because the little details (though perfect!) didn't matter one bit, because at the end of the day, they were married, and they knew that was the best thing ever. 

getting ready at hair salon on wedding day

The day started at Hollywood Style in Mitchell, SD. I love shooting weddings in Mitchell, and this place is one of the reasons why! These girls know beauty, and Amanda was glowing–but let's be fair, she was glowing before she even got to the makeup chair! 

bride and bridesmaids in matching button ups

I loved the matching button-up tops that Amanda had made for her bridesmaids. What a fun idea! Taking your shirt off over an up-do is something you don't think about until it's too late, and I love that Amanda was sweet enough to have her girls' backs. Not surprising, she's the bomb! 

hanging wedding dress

Amanda and Ben were married at Trinity Lutheran Church in Mitchell, a church I had never shot at before and am now obsessed with. I mean, look at that light!!! COME ON.

pink wedding day details

I knew this lady's details wouldn't disappoint, and she didn't let me down. Can you even!? That blush with all the lace and gems...YUM!

wedding rings on pink dress
bride getting ready with sister

I loved watching Amanda's bond with her sister throughout the day. Megan was by her side all day, and it was so cool to watch them interact. There is something so special about sisters!

groom getting ready for wedding
groom reading love letter on wedding day

Amanda and Ben swapped love letters before their first look, and Ben's had Amanda cracking up. I love the hedgehog! 

bride reading funny love letter on wedding day
first look on wedding day
bride and groom first look on wedding day
bride and groom seeing each other for the first time
bride and groom posing on wedding day

We'd been texting up until the wedding day, so I knew Amanda's bouquet would be stunning...and it was! I think I could have photographed her with it all day!

bride and groom with bridal bouquet on wedding day
beautiful bride with handsome groom on wedding day
bride and groom wedding day photos
back of wedding dress detail
groom wearing tie and suspenders on wedding day
groom details
wedding day bridal details lace dress and hairpiece
groom and bridesmaid details
pink and gray wedding party

Seriously - this flower girl!!! I wanted to take her home with me!

bride and groom with baby flower girl
wedding party cheering behind bride and groom kissing

Ever meet a wedding party that you just wanna go grab a beer with on Friday night? Yeah...these guys were those people! SO FUN.

bride with bridesmaids and bouquets
wedding party with bride and groom
bridesmaids walking with bride
unplugged wedding and three cord unity board
bride walking down aisle with dad
bride and groom getting married in church

I love a good bubble exit from the church! Everyone was so happy, and the limo Ben and Amanda drove away in was awesome. I even got to hitch a ride.

bride and groom church exit and kissing in limo

The reception was amazing, of course. I loved all the pink accents and the lights behind the head table. So pretty!

reception details pink cake
father daughter mother son wedding dance
first dance

Amanda and Ben, I'm so dang happy to have gotten to know you these past few months, and while I'm THRILLED you're married, I'm so sad your day is over! I wish you all the happiest of marriages, and I hope you keep on making each other laugh. Oh, and GO TWINS! ;)

Hair and makeup: Hollywood Style
Church: Trinity Lutheran
Reception Venue: Highland Conference Center
Flowers: Ms Bumblebees