Veda Marilyn: One Month Old

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Our girl Veda is one month old! And it has flown by.

Height/Weight: At 1 month, Veda was about 10 lbs., so half a pound up from birth weight. Huzzah! We are not worrying about how this one is growing! She was also about 22 inches (born at 21.5, but I never know how squirmy they are being when measured).

She loves: Being held!! HOLY. This girl could be held all day and she'd be just fine with that. She also loved her first real bath (those sponge baths were for the birds). But the thing V loves most in life (right now) is EATING. The girl came out looking for a nipple and she hasn't really stopped. I spend a lot of time on the couch and practically topless. Whatever. At least we aren't going in for monthly weight checks with her! 

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She's also a really great sleeper! She actually had a 4 or 5 hour stretch the second night we were in the hospital (and holy crap her parents needed it), and aside from a couple bad nights, she can go for decent stretches (as long as she's being held, ha) which is so nice!

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She doesn't love: Being hungry, being cold (she has been similar to Simon in needing to be pretty bundled up at night so she will sleep longer), not being held 24/7.

Clothing size: My first thought when Veda was born and they told me how much she weighed (9 lbs. 8 oz!) was, Damn, I am awesome. My second thought was, Crap, we have so much newborn stuff! Simon was a peanut for so long that we stocked up on newborn sizes, but I was positive Veda wouldn't fit in any of it! Happily, she wore newborn comfortably for about 2-4 weeks, depending on where it was from. So we still got to use all the cute itty bitty clothes! 

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Diaper size: When Veda came back from some time in the nursery at the hospital so her parents could sleep (#secondchild), they told us she was wearing size 1 diapers and skipped newborns entirely. Of course, we had newborn size at home - an entire box worth! When we were changing her though, we found the newborns fit her belly a bit better, so she stayed in those for a while. Toward the end of the month she started to transition to size 1. 

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Exciting things this month: Veda's big brother celebrated his second birthday! She met lots of family then, and as they made their way to Sioux Falls to say hello after she was born. We also celebrated Thanksgiving and got to see lots of family then. 

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Things I never want to forget about Veda at this age: All that newborn stuff that goes way too quickly! To be totally honest, Veda's first month was challenging for us to say the least, but we are still just totally smitten with her sweetness. She is so snuggly and her cheeks are out of this world. I basically kiss them all day. 

She also has a KILLER RBF, which I also wrote about Simon at the same age - I had totally forgotten! It seriously kills me how judgmental she can look! 

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Milestones this month: I kid you not, Veda started smiling at two weeks old. TWO WEEKS. She also has had really amazing head control since birth. I suppose that extra week of cooking is good for something! 

Veda also had a bunch of photos taken of her :) Of course, this should surprise absolutely no one. Can't stop, won't stop.

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How I'm feeling: Like I said, Veda's first month was rough for Jeff and I! In the ways that Simon was such a predictable baby, Veda is not. Just when you think you've got her figured out, she changes. She also had some decent bouts with gas in the beginning, which was hard for us since we hadn't dealt with it before. Poor baby! 

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BUT ... physically, I feel amazing. I felt good after Simon was born solely because I was no longer pregnant, but his birth kicked my ass to the curb, and it took me a good 6 weeks to feel like myself afterward; for two weeks I was essentially bedridden (thank God for Jeff and my mom!). But if Simon's birth was a marathon, Veda's was a sprint, and WHOA does that make a difference in how I've healed.

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I kid you not, within about two weeks it was like I never had a baby. It was seriously insane. People are amazed to hear I didn't have an epidural with this delivery, but in all honesty I would do it that way a million times considering how much more easily I've healed. I went home from the hospital taking a couple Motrin every few hours and that was that! CRAZY. The human body is CRAZY.

Fresh 48 and Newborn photos by my girl Jessica Bonestroo