Liz + Ian: Glamorous Gold New Years Eve Wedding at the Regency Lodge in Omaha, Nebraska

I was lucky enough to get to spend my New Years Eve at the gorgeous Regency Lodge in Omaha, Nebraska watching two of the most genuine people I've ever met become husband and wife. I first connected with Liz last February over a mutual connection (thanks, Alex!) and since that first email correspondence I'd been preparing myself for a glamorous New Years Eve wedding! What a fun day to get married!

getting ready photos of bride and her stylist on wedding day

I absolutely love Liz and Ian's love story. These two actually connected in a modern-day romance (they met online!) and fell in love over a mutual passion of reading and writing. These guys love words (no pressure for a blog post, right!?), and when they described themselves as bookish, dorky, and awkward, I knew we'd get along great. That was just confirmed when we got together last winter for their library and tea themed engagement session

getting ready photos of a bride on her wedding day

Liz and Ian's day started out so relaxed. Since the ceremony wasn't until 7PM (yay, New Years Eve weddings!), the girls had a laid back morning and met up for hair and makeup around noon. Music played and Liz and her friends sang along while getting primped and pampered, and everyone was all-smiles. 

getting ready photos of bride and her mom on wedding day

The tears started flowing early when Liz's hair was finished with a beautiful sparkly headband, and her mom and best friend (also her Best Man, Lucas) helped her into her wedding dress. I love the photos of him below getting choked up and Liz giving him a kiss on the forehead! Their friendship is so special.

mom helping bride into her wedding dress
bridal nerves on wedding day

There were thousands of amazing, unique elements to this beautiful winter wedding, but one in particular was the fact that Liz actually wore her sister's wedding dress! It fit her perfectly (no alterations!) and worked beautifully for both girls' weddings. I absolutely love that their bond is so strong they even shared one of the most special dresses of their lives! Sisters are awesome, and these two took the cake.

bride putting on veil on her wedding day
gold bridal flats and sparkly headband

The details of the day had me drooling early. Liz's shoes with gold ballet flats with a pointed toe and adorable bow. They were so perfect for a gold wedding! 

hanging wedding dress and Christmas lights

Liz's ring is a family heirloom, and absolutely breathtaking. These are some of my favorite detail shots of all time! So much glitz and glam! Who doesn't love sparkle?!

gold ring sparkly detail shot
wedding ring glitter detail shot on gold wedding shoes

Liz and her dad shared a super-special first look at the top of the Regency staircase before he escorted her down to see her groom for the first time that day.

first look with dad on wedding day
first look on wedding day at Regency Lodge in Omaha, NE

When I first started working with Liz and Ian, Liz told me that they were quite the romantic pair, and their friends are constantly saying, "Yuck!" when they are together. For a photographer, it was a dream! These two have an amazing chemistry and I didn't have to ask for much; they just loved on each other!

bride and groom wedding at Regency Lodge in Omaha, NE

The lobby of the Regency Lodge made for a beautiful backdrop for photos. That staircase! And we were so happy to still see Christmas and other holiday decor still up. Beautiful!

bridal portraits at Regency Lodge in Omaha

The day continued being ultra-relaxed as we bopped around the west side of Omaha taking bride and groom portraits. We had so much time, it was absolute magic! We stopped at two nearby spots for photos and had fabulous weather, considering it was December. Liz and Ian about froze and were total troopers, but since we didn't have wind and it stayed above freezing (even if just barely!) I'll call it a win! 

cozy winter wedding bride and groom photos

Three cheers for a bride and groom who go with your crazy and agree to outdoor photos in December! You guys rock!

bride and groom winter portraits on outdoor staircase
bride and groom winter wedding day photos with fur coat

More details: I was dying over Liz's fur coat! Seriously!? It was perfect to keep her a BIT warmer in the cold air, and it was so glamorous! Winter brides: embrace the chill and grab something amazing, like some faux fur, to keep warm! Your photographer will thank you ;)

outdoor photos at winter wedding

And for your daily dose of adorable: Liz and Ian's pups joined us for some photos! They hadn't seen each other in days, so the reunion was heart-melting. And who doesn't want wedding photos with their fur babies?!

bride and groom with their puppies on wedding day
outdoor bridal portraits at winter New Years Eve wedding
winter outdoor wedding photos of bride and groom

We moved on to the next location and broke out more fabulousness: Liz's broach bouquet. Her mom worked so hard on this and it was a total show-stopper. And super heavy! Liz got an arm workout in for sure.

bride and groom sunset photos at winter wedding
groom in gray suit and gold tie for winter wedding
bride in strapless white beaded dress and gray fur coat for outdoor winter wedding

I absolutely loved Liz and Ian's looks, but when we added in the full bridal party I was beside myself. Liz's girls wore sequin gold dresses that were all fabulous and different styles, and the guys matched Ian with gray suits and gold ties. So perfect. 

unique gold and white broach bouquet for winter wedding

And can I just say I love that Liz had a maid of honor (her sister) and best man (bestie Lucas), and Ian had a best man (his BFF) and best gal (his sister). So fun! I had a blast with this wedding party! 

bridal party portraits at gold glam winter wedding

I don't usually share family formals, but I have to share these because, again, THE REGENCY LODGE. So gorgeous, you guys! I love how these turned out.

family wedding portraits at Regency Lodge in Omaha

It was so fun to see the reception decor up close after having chatted about it with Liz. Every setting had a popper for midnight, and the centerpieces were Poet-TREES and books! I died. So cool, unique, and perfectly them! 

wedding reception details in ballroom at Regency Lodge in Omaha

A 10 woman choir provided the music for the night, and they were magnificent. Just another unique touch that made it so perfectly Liz and Ian.

women's choir at wedding reception
bride walking down the aisle in wedding at Regency Lodge in Omaha

Liz and Ian wrote their own vows and had everyone in tears. So beautiful.

wedding at Regency Lodge in Omaha Nebraska
wedding at Regency Lodge in Omaha Nebrask
wedding reception at Regency Lodge in Omaha, Nebraska
first dance at wedding reception at Regency Lodge

The. Food. OMG. Liz told me they'd have heavy appetizers, but that didn't even do it justice. The food just kept coming and was amazing! And so pretty, which I'm sure you know I can appreciate! 

appetizer buffet at wedding at Regency Lodge in Omaha, Nebraska
wedding reception at Regency Lodge in Omaha, Nebraska

Speeches by people who all love words. I could get used to that! Everyone was so funny, eloquent and sweet. I could have listened all night. 

toasts at wedding reception

I don't typically take a lot of dance photos, but I also don't typically shoot weddings on New Years Eve! The dance floor was one big party and it was so fun to see everyone having such a blast. I couldn't contain my dancing shoes and may have busted a move or two. 

dance floor at fun wedding reception
wedding cake at wedding reception
bride and groom on dance floor at their wedding reception

Liz and Ian, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for letting me be part of your beautiful, unique New Years Eve celebration. It's one I will not soon forget! I wish you two a lifetime of books, tea, and happiness. Cheers!

Venue: Regency Lodge in Omaha, NE

A huge thank you to my second shooter,  Bethany of B Photography, for all her help and skills on this day!