Simon Patrick: Nine Months Old


Simon is 9 months old! 

"Are we seriously doing this again!?" -Simon

Height/Weight: Um I have no idea. Bigger.


He loves: Eating, crawling, screaming, Rue, "boo!", surprising and loud noises (as long as they aren't TOO loud or scary!), Kim at daycare (the way he gets so excited when I drop him off in the mornings makes my mom heart explode), people watching, kids, HIS PACI, being tossed in the air...he loves a lot!

He doesn't love: The other day we were playing Peek-a-Boo, and I got a little crazy with my "BOO!" and he did not like that. I felt terrible. Too scary, mom! He also has REALLY hated getting dressed lately, especially if it takes longer than 5 seconds and his arms get stuck. Not a fan. Screams bloody murder.

Clothing size: He's wearing 12 month Carter's jammies comfortably which blows my mind. His clothes are mostly 9-12 months now. It's insane. 

Diaper size: 3, but I honestly wonder if we're close to 4. We have to change him before we go to bed around 10 because otherwise he wakes up drenched in pee. So that's fun.

Exciting things this month: Simon has spent a few nights away from Jeff and I, but this month was the first time he went on a road trip and sleepover without us! He did awesome, and met a ton of my dad's family, which was so nice because they hadn't seen him yet. I'm so glad more of them have met him now. 

Things I never want to forget about Simon at this age: How happy everything makes him. He just lights up at the funniest, most normal things (like daycare drop off--it happens every day, and every day it's like "Mom! I get to play here!? Again!? Really!?). It makes me look at everything differently, too. 

Milestones this month: Simon started crawling! And he did it while I was out of town, of course. He was so close for a while, so Jeff, Kim and I were all on the lookout, but one night he decided he really needed something and went for it. He's still relatively tentative, and he really won't crawl if it's not carpeted (#diva), but he's getting a lot more confident than he even was a week ago! 

How I'm feeling this month: This month wasn't awesome. I have found that a major trigger for my anxiety and sadness is being too busy and not being able to just sit back and enjoy things...and I was too busy this month, and quite frankly, I'm too busy for the next couple weeks. I think--OK, I know--I need to get better at saying no. It's such a fine line because I love to be busy and feel like I'm accomplishing things! But the reality is, my definitions of busy have changed because I don't want to miss a beat with this awesome kid. 

I will say that the good thing about this realization is that when I am with Simon, I feel like I'm really with him. There are definitely times that I need to put down my phone or turn off the TV, but for the most part, when I'm with him and he's awake and wants to play, I'm not trying to balance that with work or photography. I'm just with him. This blows my mind because I never thought I would enjoy playing with him so much! I mean...what can you actually do with a baby!? But he's so fun and the time goes so quickly that I just love it. So I'm proud of myself in that case! I just need to carve out more time for "nothing" instead of filling my schedule so much. I know my mind appreciates it when I do. I'll get there! <3

And now...more Sy photos! Bathtime is fun :)

We sure love this funny little boy.