Simon Patrick: Eight Months Old


Do you see that belly!? I can hardly even. Our little dude is 8 months old!

Height/Weight: Probably around 17 or 18 pounds? I have no idea. Growing! 

He loves: Standing (with help), sitting up, playing with his toys (he loves stacking rings and basically anything you can bang together), sticking everything in his mouth, chewing on everything (shopping cards, fingers, tables...). And of course, the classics like his paci (BFF 4 EVA).

He doesn't love: being left by himself for too long (he'd prefer everyone be in the room together!), being tired, being hungry.

Clothing size: Some 6 month things, but mostly 6-9/9/6-12 months! Insane. 

Diaper size: 3. The awesome thing is while we still go through diapers like crazy and buy them regularly just like any other parents of a baby, we still have a few different sizes left over from our diaper keg. Gotta love that!

Exciting things this month: We went on a family vacation to northern Minnesota, which is what most of these photos are from. Simon did so great. He spent a few nights at Grandma and Grandpa's cabin when Jeff and I wanted to let loose a little bit, and while it's super weird without him around and we don't like it to last too long, sleeping in was glorious. 

Simon also went to his first International Turtle Races in Perham, MN (and slept through most of it - see above), and had his first 4th of July (mostly with Grandma and Grandpa while Mom and Dad drank beer ;) ). 

Things I never want to forget about Simon at this age: He is just such a happy baby. It seems like when he got better at sitting up, he just became that much more happy because he could entertain himself with toys a bit longer. But honestly, he's never really had a foul mood. He's just the happiest, most fun baby. We are so lucky. 

He also is now sturdy enough to try some fun new things, and he loves swinging!

Milestones this month: Maybe not a milestone, but lots of firsts! Simon also enjoyed his first boat ride. He wasn't a fan when he went with Grandma and Grandpa, but Jeff and I took him the next day and he seemed to like it. He was very relaxed!

How I'm feeling: No complaints from me this month. This kid makes parenthood seem easy--most of the time! It was also a nice break to get away and take a vacation with the family. It was the perfect balance of time with everyone, and time with just my husband. Sometimes we forget how needed that is.

And now - more Simon photos. Obviously.

8 months_0013.jpg
8 months_0018.jpg