Simon Patrick: Seven Months Old

Seven months feels so weird because we're now officially closer to the big one year than we are to when he was born! I'm not sure how I feel about that, but here we are...

Height/Weight: 16 pounds 4 oz and 27 inches. Just took him a seven months to double his birth weight, but we got there! 

He loves: Jeff and I agree that the first thing we should mention is screaming. This kid found his voice months ago but just recently he's figured out it can get very very high and very very loud and while it's cute for like a second, we're over it. 

Otherwise, Sy still loves his paci, sleeping (Although some regression between months 6-7 has meant he's a little harder to put down, but he'll still generally go to sleep around 7:30-8:30 and sleep until 5 or 6AM, meaning we have time to ourselves every night. We're watching so much Mad Men, it's glorious.), SITTING UP!, people watching, kids and puppies, playing with his toys, his bouncer, baby food (sweet potatoes and apples + mango are great, green beans are not), scrambled eggs and chicken (hilarious), playing "SO BIG!", cuddling on mom's chest with his butt sticking out (this is new because up until recently he preferred being held like a baby), being tossed in the air. And probably a lot more that I'm forgetting! He's so much fun.

He doesn't love: being ignored (which let's be real, is rare, but stuff still has to get done, child), being over tired (THEN SLEEP PLZ), being hungry, not being able to feed himself fast enough (so sad, so funny).

Clothing size: I think Old Navy runs a little small, BUT he's officially in a few 6-12 month things there which is insane to me. It took so long for him to fit into 3-6 months clothes and now we're practically done! It's so funny, because when I was pregnant everyone thought he'd end up being this big kid (Jeff was basically a toddler at birth), so a lot of our summer stuff was 12-18 months. Just a little off! ;) 

Diaper size: 2 during the day, 3 at night, but honestly I think we're days away from graduating to 3's altogether. Again: CRAZY.

Exciting things this month: We found out that one of my best friends in the whole world/cousin is having a BOY in October and couldn't be more excited. I had convinced myself she was having a girl even though I thought a boy would be SO FUN to experience together, and it turns out she's expecting blue! We can't wait to meet him, and watching them grow up together (less than a year apart!) will be so fun. 

Sy also got a ton of grandma and grandpa time when I shot back-to-back weddings in May/June, and we attended Jeff's 10 year class reunion and he got to meet a bunch of friends. AND THEN he hung out with the grandparents again when we decided to have way too much fun on Saturday night, and subsequently slept until 10AM on Sunday. Parents, you guys. They're the bomb.

Things I never want to forget about Simon at this age: Well honestly I'd like to bottle him up and keep him like this forever! I never thought I'd love this baby stage so much, but he has such a personality and is so fun! I love being his mom. There's nothing better than when he's tired and I pick him and he rests his head on my shoulder immediately. He knows I'm his #1 fan (OK, Jeff probably ties) and it's the best.

Milestones this month: I can't remember if it was around 6 or 7 months but Simon is now sleeping without a swaddle AND mostly on his belly. So basically he looks like a teenager. I can hardly handle it. He's also sitting up like a pro and it's adorable. It's been a total game changer too because he needed a change of scenery! 

How I'm feeling: I think motherhood is just a bunch of different seasons all sandwiched together, so I totally get that some are good and some are not-so-good and it's just like that forever. That said, I feel like I'm out of the worst of the hormonal fog. Whew--that was rough. We were really lucky to transition to parenthood as easily as we did because Sy is such an easy kid, but as "the mom" you still have to adjust to a new normal, and new feelings, and it's far from easy. It's so nice to feel like I have my mind back.