Simon Patrick: Five Months Old

Simon is five months old!


Which means next month he is six months old, which is half a year, which is so crazy I can't even think about it. Here are some outtakes for comic relief:


Ahhhh s'cute.

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This month was full of firsts as we visited my grandparents in Alabama on Simon's first vacation! My parents and sister were there, too, and my sister actually flew with us. Between that and a Baby Bjorn I borrowed from my boss, it was a lot easier than I imagined! Thank goodness! Of course, once we were there it was a different story, but more on that later.

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Height/Weight: 12 lbs. 12 oz and 24.25 inches. Growing boy!

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He loves: Sleeping, eating, snuggling, bouncing, his paci, his crinkle taggie rocket, people watching, being held, playtime, playing "BOO!" (This is where I repeatedly try to surprise him and say BOO. Seriously, that's it, and it's hilarious EVERY TIME.)

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He doesn't love: The car seat. Which makes basically everyone in our house hate the car seat. Being away from home, getting his clothes changed, when mom and dad leave the room. He's getting better with people he doesn't recognize, but he's still a little nerv-y.

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Clothing size: Some 0-3, some 3-6. Seriously, everyone bought this kid 12-18 months for summer because we just assumed he'd be a chunk, and at this rate we're going to have a lot of too-big items for when the weather gets nice!

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Diaper size: Size 1, teetering on Size 2. We're hoping we can get through all the 1s we have before he graduates to 2s!

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Exciting things this month: Simon's first family vacation and first plane ride! We flew to Gulf Shores, Alabama and he did AWESOME on the plane rides, but wowza - being away from home was not his favorite. I think he was starting to teethe a bit, so that certainly didn't help, but man did we have a crabby babe on this trip.

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He's usually so laid back and easy, but that was not the case in Alabama. He also had a really hard time napping, and this kid needs his naps. Thankfully, he still slept fairly well at night (9/10-5), but that was about our only reprieve. I'm still glad we went and was thankful for all the family we had around, but it was work. I was so ready for him to go to daycare on Monday, and honestly, I think he was too!! The child likes his routine, and honestly, that's just fine.

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This month was also our first couple days on our own when Jeff traveled for work. Of course, Simon decided that would be a fun time to start waking up in the middle of the night again, so that was great. He honestly didn't even really wake up as much as he just whined until I put his paci back in. Easy fix, but when it happens multiple times a night...sleep wasn't super. BUT I was super proud of myself for handling the running of everything on my own for a couple days! There's something empowering about knowing you can do it...but Lord, I wouldn't want to! God bless single parents everywhere. Seriously. Can I buy you all the wine? And give you a hug?

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Things I never want to forget about Simon at this age: I'll never get over the way he looks at me. I want to bottle it up forever. He definitely knows who his parents are, and his face when we walk into a room or when he hears either of us is just too good. We love him!

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Milestones this month: Simon has been doing a lot more grasping at objects and even rolled over! He's a lot more mobile, and Jeff has banned me from setting him on higher surfaces, like the couch, because he can wiggle right off if he wants to. He's also always making new noises and making us laugh. He loves to gasp and coo and giggle, although he's still stingy with his giggles! He still hasn't had a total laughing fit like his very first laugh, but we're getting close!

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I also think he started teething, but that comes and goes. Which I've read can happen. For like the wine.

How I'm feeling: Good! Despite vacation being work, it was a nice reset. It also made me appreciate daycare (Kim, I love you) and my silent cup of morning coffee at my desk even more ;) Of course, I wouldn't be being real if I didn't admit that vacation provided some challenges for me, too.

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I ended up with mastitis on Friday night before we flew to Alabama (if you're not familiar, nursing moms can get this and it's basically the flu and then your boobs try to kill you), and then Monday morning had to make an emergency trip to a Lens Crafters in Foley, Alabama, a few towns over, when I woke up and couldn't open my eye. Fun times! It turned out that a cold I had 6 weeks ago decided to rear it's ugly head and come with me on vacation, where it manifested as viral pink eye. YEAHHHHHH. Yeah.

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So I spent the rest of vacay wearing my glasses that slide down my nose, and no makeup. There are worse things, I KNOW, but it still made me crabby and I had a pity party. Combine that with a fussy kid and yeah...well, it's nice to be home!

I think we all can agree on that :)