Simon Patrick: Four Months Old

Simon is four months old!

DSC_9305_Simon 4 mos

And he's still the best.

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Simon is still a peanut but he's STRONG and loves standing and pumping and kicking his legs. He's allllways smiling, except when he's overwhelmed...which is basically anytime he is around people other than Jeff and I. He just gets a little overstimulated and isn't quite sure. I'm sure he'll warm up to the world soon.

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He's still always got an eye on Rue and thinks she's pretty funny. We can't wait until they're best buds.

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Height/Weight: Simon is small, but happy! Even though I had weighed him at 12 lbs. with his clothes on, a doctor appointment this week confirmed he is 11 lbs. 14 oz. Jussssssst about there! I think he's still around 24 inches like last month but I'm not positive. He's otherwise healthy and happy thought, so no one is too worried about him - we're just stuffing him full this month in hopes he starts gaining more ;) MY KINGDOM FOR CHUBBY BABIES.

He loves: SLEEPING, still! We got so lucky with this. We transitioned him from a swaddle to a Woombie so he has a bit more arm movement, and it's going so well. Seriously, you zip him into the thing and by the time you pick him up to put him to bed, his eyes are heavy. Then we just put him in the crib and walk away. IT'S UNREAL. He just likes to put himself to sleep. (Unless it's a nap during the day, in which case he's like, No please hold me the entire time and let's cuddle; but honestly we don't mind because those weekend cuddle naps are the best.)

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Simon is getting a lot more interactive with his surroundings. He LOVES looking in the mirror, and loves his play gym from IKEA. We also have a toy that hangs off his car seat that we'll bring with us when he's in the stroller or something and it keeps him super entertained!

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He doesn't love: people he doesn't recognize. Which is basically anyone besides mom, dad, and Kim (our daycare lady who WE ALL LOVE!). My parents were here this weekend and he took a whiiiile to warm up, which was so weird! We're all going on family vacation in about two weeks, and all the together time is going to be good for him. Mom and Dad reeeeally like it when family members are around and can lend a hand, so this is non-negotiable! Plus, as my mom told Simon this weekend...he has to learn the good stuff comes from grandma and grandpa! ;)

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Clothing size: some 0-3, but mostly 3-6 now. Yay! It's crazy how little he used to be. I mean, he's still small, but because I'm with him every day I don't think I grasp how much bigger he's gotten until I see newborn photos. It's mind-blowing! I hardly remember what those sleepy newborn days were like.

Diaper size: 1, and probably on the verge of graduating to the next size. We use Amazon Mom for diaper delivery, and we've suspended it for a while because we think when we're done with this box, it'll be time for the next size.

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(Rue just kills me in this photo)

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Exciting things this month: OH gosh...Simon seems to have a lot more control of his movements. He'll grab his paci out of his mouth and put it back in. His movements are still jerky, and I think some of it is luck, but it's clear he has a lot more control than he did even a month ago. He'll also grab things, INCLUDING HIS BOTTLE WHEN HE'S EATING. I'm not entirely cool with this so kind of pretending it didn't happen for now.

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Things I never want to forget about Simon at this age: His face when I catch him staring at me. It's the cutest thing. He's starting to get distracted while eating, which would be annoying if he wasn't so damn cute. I'll look down while he's eating and he'll just be looking up at me with this darling look on his face, and when I catch him he giggles. I DIE.

And, while his aversion to other people is a little annoying and makes me sad, it's basically the best feeling in the world when I get him back and he immediately calms down. My heart...

AND I love when we're tossing him in the air or lifting him up and down, he scrunches his shoulders and basically has no neck because he just thinks it's soooo funny.

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Milestones this month: probably mostly the grabbing of objects. He's also strong enough that we can toss him in the air a little, which he LOVES.

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How I'm feeling: OK. This month was kind of hard. The hardest part of being a mom for me, so far, is just feeling like there's not enough time. Not enough time to be with Simon, not enough time for work, not enough time for photography, not enough time with Jeff, for my house...etc. etc. I know I need to let some things go and accept that my house will not always be clean and all that...but it's tough. It's also been hard knowing I'm not with Simon during the day...not because I think he misses me, because I know he is loved and cared for at daycare...but because I'm selfish and just want him all the time. But I'm also loving being back at work and with adults and doing what I love, and not changing diapers all day...some days are just tough!

BASICALLY mom-feelings are weird and crazy and I tend to feel 56465354965 things all before noon.

Good thing he's very, very worth it. <3