Simon Patrick: Three Months Old

MP1_4283_simon Simon is three months old!


Do you think I'll start every month by talking about how fun this kid is!? I think I might. He is. So. Fun. We're just having a blast getting to know him more and more every day. In the last month he's seemed so much more like a baby than a newborn and we've gotten a huge kick out of discovering his personality. He's the best.


This month he discovered his hands are attached to his body and are THE BEST THINGS EVER. He gnaws on them constantly and even though he's young I'm super curious as to when he's start teething--cuz he goes after his hands like there's no tomorrow. The other day I gave him a frozen teether and while it was a LITTLE freaky to begin with, he really liked it.


Height/Weight: Simon is still a little guy. Despite my guess last month, he weighed under 11 lbs. at his 2 month checkup (it was more like a 3 month checkup because I can't get my ish together). He was also 24 inches tall; not a whole lot more than what he was born at. We're keeping at eye on his growth to make sure he's a-OK, but nobody seemed too concerned because he's a happy kiddo. Now, he weighs 12 lbs. (YAY!) and while lots of people still comment on his size, I think he's gaining well. He's just kind of petite!

He loves: SLEEPING, although day-naps are harder. He rocks at bedtime though. We actually are trying to figure out how to get him down earlier, because it's very clear he needs more sleep, but we don't want him to miss a feeding since he's petite. File that under things I'd never worry about...if my kid is sleeping TOO much! He fits in with us pretty well.

Simon also loves eating (although with me back at work, he's figured out bottles are wayyyy easier, so sometimes we have baby-meltdowns and THOSE ARE REAL FUN), BATHS (so so so funny), ceiling fans, television (this is so bad, but so good, you get me?!), his paci, mom and dad, stretching and kicking on the floor, his MamaRoo, behind held so he can see out, TALKING, his own laugh.

MP1_2702_simon_sioux falls perry nature area engagement session

He doesn't love: loud noises like sneezing or nose blowing (especially when he's eating), being cold, the car seat and long car rides, not being able to stretch and kick, losing his pacifier.

Clothing size: He's in 0-3 and I feel like juuuuust on the edge of 3-6. He fits in some 3-6 depending on the brand.


Diaper size: Simon is still in 1 and I think will be for a while!


Exciting things this month: BABY'S FIRST GIGGLE! A really big giggle only happened once, in the bathtub, but he's given little giggles since then. We're waiting for when the giggles don't stop! Jeff tickles him sooo often to try and get one out but so far that's only funny for about 5 seconds until it's NOT.

Simon also discovered his hands, and that his voice can do lots of cool things like squeaking and yelling. So so funny. And, he's watching and interested in Rue a lot more which is officially the cutest thing I've ever seen. Just in the past couple days, he'll look at her and just SMILE. I melt.

Simon also started daycare and he loves it!!


Things I never want to forget about Simon at this age: The way he looks at me when we are hanging out together, how excited he gets when Jeff and I talk to him, how he bicycle kicks so hard at bathtime we think he's going to fly out of the tub, how he can (usually) be comforted out of a fit by his mom and dad, his big big eyes, his adorably sweet voice, his puffy cheeks when he's relaxing. Basically everything. I've found motherhood is this bizarre place of wanting time to slow the heck down and also being so excited for what comes next.



Milestones this month: tracking an object across a room, seeing farther across a room, discovering his hands, grabbing his feet and toes, giggling!, recognizing some family members like his grandparents, more vocal noises.


How I'm feeling: I feel like I'd be being not totally honest if I didn't say this month was a hard one for me. For the most part it was still REALLY REALLY good, but at about eight weeks postpartum I was suddenly hit hard with hormones. One night I fell asleep after sobbing to Jeff that I was scared about how much I loved Simon. Now it seems ridiculous, but at the time it was a real fear and the idea of anything happening to him just loomed over me; it was awful. I think that was probably coupled with getting ready to go back to work and being nervous about trusting anyone else with him.

Now, I'm so glad to report that that transition is going so much better than I imagined. I love Simon's daycare, I love my job, and it's a great balance. I miss him when I'm not with him--some days more than others--but I love that I have my own life again and am able to contribute to society and see my grown-up friends and coworkers. Plus, I love that Simon is around other kids and socializing--even if he's still a nugget, it's good for him! My biggest complaint is that now more than ever there are not enough hours in the day--especially the weekend! But that's not a new development. Saturday has always been my favorite <3.

Here's to another month with this peanut!