Simon Patrick: Two Months Old

MP1_0517_web Simon is two months old! WUT.


Life with this kid gets more and more fun every single day. This month he really seemed to "wake up" and has become so much more interactive and aware.


Simon went through some big developmental leaps (growth spurts) this month, so we had a couple more difficult days with our usually happy boy. He's now able to see farther than a few inches in front of his face, so we've noticed he can become super overstimulated. I can toooootally relate to this, so I feel like my own tendency to become overstimulated has aided in me understanding what Simon needs.


While there have been challenges with this development, it's mostly been FUN. I love watching him discover things! The best has probably been his discovery of ceiling fans; specifically the one in our living room. See the above and below photos.


They're in love.

I realized it was the fan he was loving on when I was holding Simon trying to calm him down one day, and we walked into the living room. He looked up, started coo'ing and smiling all gummy-like, and hardcore flirted with the fan. It. Was. Hilarious. The fan hasn't failed us yet. He's obsessed.


We're seeing his personality more and more every day and he's still a happy, easy-going kid. He is so good at entertaining himself! He loves cuddling when he's sleepy or sad, but he really loves laying by himself and kicking. We notice that if he seems fussy, and he's been getting passed around a bit, it's best to just lay him down and let him be. Then he's a happy camper again.


Simon is juuuuuust starting to fill out and gain some chub, but he's still pretty petite (though he is tall!). We're working on fattening him up because his cheeks already kill me! I can't wait til he's a fatty. MY KINGDOM FOR FAT BABIES.

MP1_0427_Simon MP1_0434_Simon





MP1_0364_Simon_web MP1_0443_Simon



Height/weight: When I weigh him (by weighing myself and then doing math, so...I could be wrong, cuz math), he's on the lighter end between 11 and 12 pounds. We have to schedule his 2 month appointment soon though (shots...bets on who cries more?), so then we'll get a true weight and height. I'm anxious to see how he's grown!

He loves: sleeping, eating, baths (we figured out he also loves hair washing, as long as the shampoo isn't cold!), bright lights, his pacifier, car rides, snuggling, coo’ing, his MamaRoo, stretching, kicking, seeing Mom and Dad, the ceiling fan!


He doesn’t love: being cold (he will SCREAM and shiver and it's the saddest thing ever), losing his pacifier, not being able to eat fast enough (I feel you, boo).

Clothing size: He's finally into 0-3 months.


Diaper size: We've moved to 1!

Exciting things this month: Simon’s first Christmas! We celebrated Christmas with my family and Jeff's family over the holiday, and then my mom's extended family over New Year's. Simon met a few new people (some of my aunts, uncles, and cousins), and was thoroughly loved on. Christmas was so much more special with him! Not to mention it was just THE FUNNEST to see everyone love and dote on him!



Things I never want to forget about Simon at this age: Ugh...everything! Probably the funnest is the look Jeff and I get when he really sees us. If we haven't been in his face much that day, or if he's been with someone else for a while...the look on his face when mom or dad are back is the best. I think you could probably get high on it. My favorite thing is to run into his room after he gets done napping, but before he is upset (like, MOM COME GET ME NOW THE WARNING IS OVER), and say hello. He seriously looks at me like I am the best person on the planet.

Since he's more aware now, he's also a bit more jumpy, and it's so funny. For the most part he can sleep through anything, but once in a while if I'm holding or nursing him and I cough or sneeze and jump a bit, he gets the biggest eyes, sticks out his bottom lip super far, and whimpers until he starts to wail. It is the most pathetic, hilarious thing I've ever seen.


Milestones this month: This month was a good one. After his second growth spurt and a few days straight outta hell (constant holding, entertaining, and feeding), we went home for Christmas and HE SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT. Simon has always been an incredible sleeper THANK GOD but starting Christmas Eve he has pretty consistently given us at least a 6 hour stretch at night. Then he'll go back to bed for 2-4 more hours, and then be awake for a bit before his morning nap. That's just a general routine and it's certainly different every day, but it's consistent enough that we know what to expect and WE ARE SLEEPING SO MUCH IT'S STUPID. Now no one mention three month sleep regression or I will cut you.


Also, SIMON STARTED SMILING. Real, responsive, OMG MOM YOU ARE SERIOUSLY THE FUNNIEST, smiles. I die. It's the best. I can't even talk about it. I try not to cry every single time he smiles but...well, I said try.

He also does a really good job holding his head up. His head control has always been freakish, but now he's much less likely to nose dive after 10 seconds. It's seriously impressive. He's just very, very strong. It's so funny, but it does make burping him awkward because he legit tries to stand up and run away from me. And then typically pukes all over my couch.

He's also just starting to discover himself. He's still not totally aware that his hands are attached to his body, but he definitely knows he has a tongue and it's sooo funny.


How I’m Feeling: Still so good. I've been cleared to start working out again (If you want to, said my midwife, GOD BLESS HER). So far, I do want to but I'm scurred. Of pushing myself too hard, of what it will feel like post-baby...and of peeing myself. Mostly of peeing myself.


Whaddaya gonna do.