Simon Patrick: One Month Old

simon_one-month_web Simon is one month old! Actually, he's two months old...but posterity, right?

A month in and I think we're already questioning what we ever did without this kid. I (much more than Jeff) was so nervous to become a mom, and now I constantly find myself wondering, WHY!? There have been hard days, and I know there are many more to come, but I'd do it a million times. Simon is the best!

It helps that we got seriously lucky with this kid. He is a perfect baby. During his first couple weeks of life I read Secrets of a Baby Whisperer to try and get a handle on a newborn routine and "reading" him, and the author describes different kinds of babies: angel, textbook, touchy, spirited and grumpy. I don't know if Simon would be considered an "angel" (I mean, he cries from time to time; can you blame him!?), but he's totally textbook.


When he cries, it's for a reason, and it's usually easy to figure out. When he goes through growth spurts, it's within days of when they're projected, and his symptoms are spot-on. He's reached milestones about the time he's supposed to; not much sooner, not much later. He's average height and weight...he's textbook. I mean, of course we think he is totally perfect, but you know... ;)

Anyway, because of all that he's been incredibly easy for these first time parents. This kid is breaking us in easy. And seriously THANK GOD because after that pregnancy...well, he could have very well been an only child!! Jury's still out, but the outlook is much less bleak.

Also, I'd just like to formally address everyone who told me during pregnancy that I'd miss it when it was over: HELL NO I DO NOT. That is all.


Really the only snag we hit in the first month had to do with the Vitamin D drops Sy's doctor had us start on, since he's a breastfed baby (this is apparently a new thing, because everyone I know with kids older than about 1 has no idea what I'm talking about). We ordered the brand he recommended without first reading the Amazon reviews (STUPID) and paid the price. Our happy baby was miserable until we figured out the drops were causing him gas or some sort of discomfort. It was so sad! And...not the funnest time for Simon's mom and dad, either! Thankfully, after just a few days, Jeff figured out what was wrong and we cut those drops cold turkey. I guess it was our first lesson in do your own research!

And with that, a little update!


Height/weight: At his 1 week post-birth appointment, Simon was almost back up to his 8 lbs. 1 oz. birth weight. By the time he hit one month old, he was around 10 lbs.

He loves: sleeping, eating, baths before hair washing, bright lights, his pacifier, car rides, snuggling, coo'ing, his MamaRoo, stretching, kicking.

He doesn't love: being cold, baths after hair washing, losing his pacifier.


Clothing size: Since Jeff and I were both 8 lbs.++ at birth, I thought for sure our kid would maybe go home from the hospital in newborn clothes and that would be that. But Simon rocked his newborn clothes for a while! His entire first month was spent in that size, and we had to make a couple trips to Target and Once Upon a Child for cheap itty bitty pajamas since we didn't have any!

Diaper size: Newborn!


Exciting things this month: Simon's first holiday! We celebrated Thanksgiving in Mitchell and Simon met a bunch of family for the first time. We got to spend time with both my family and Jeff's, which was great. We also got **two** date nights while Grandma and Grandpa watched him, which was weird (an outing without a car seat!?) but great!

Simon also met so many people! We had a ton of visitors, especially his first two weeks. With the holiday at the end of November, he had met many many very important friends and family before he even hit a month old.

Annnnnd...Simon had a lot of photos taken! It should come as no surprise that I'm documenting EVERYTHING and then some, so Month 1 shall henceforth be known as the month of photo shoots. But hey - I'm not going to ever regret that!


Things I never want to forget about Simon at this age: His judgmental stares! This kid has a hilarious BRF. He's a sweet, sweet baby, but if looks could kill... We also love his little kitten noises, and the hilarious grunts and murmurs when he gets a pacifier in his mouth. He loves that thing! I also never want to forget how tiny he once was. I don't think I even realized it at the time, but now that he's growing, he really was a little peanut!


How I'm Feeling: A-FREAKIN-MAZING. You guys, I really hated pregnancy. That's not to say I'm not thankful for every miserable minute, and that I wouldn't do it again to get this little guy here, but whoa. Babies are awesome, but making them is really really hard. I knew it was hard while in the throes of it (although I am sure you had no idea by my always-cheery demeanor JOKE), but with pregnancy in my rearview mirror now, I'm continually reminded just how hard it was. Every day that I'm not pregnant I discover something amazing that is no longer a chore.

I can lay on my stomach!?

I can climb stairs!?

I can walk farther than from my bed to the couch!?

I can get in and out of my car!?

My hip is back where it's supposed to be!?

My clothes and shoes fit!?

The thought and taste of food doesn't make me ill!?


The first two weeks postpartum were a little rough, and that was irritating at the time. I was frustrated that I couldn't sit, or lay down on my own, or basically do anything at normal speed. I couldn't lift Simon up or walk up and down stairs...and basically I was just a snail. However, looking back, the fact that I survived a 16 hour labor with 6 hours of (on again/off again) pushing and then birthed an 8 lb. human and LIVED TO TELL THE TALE AND I CAN STILL a damn miracle. The human body is amazing. Two weeks? Not bad at all.

Now on the other side of that, I'm basically back to normal and loving it. Loving life with Simon, loving our new family, loving my nightly glass of Cab...loving it all!

Happy first month, kiddo!


Also: thoughts on birth stories? Should I write one? Should I share it? Should words like 'placenta' be kept off the internets? Discuss.

Lifestyle photos in Simon's nursery by B Photography. Newborn photos by Jessica Bonestroo Photography. I'm so glad to call both ladies my talented friends!