January Whole 30 - Week 1


OK PEEPS. Who's ready for a Whole 30 Week 1 round-up!? Leggo.


Day 0

Prepped food for the week, grocery shopped, ate a million cheese crisps I've been hoarding from Girls Night. Felt sick.

Day 1


A little hungry; need to eat more protein and veggies during the day. Roasted a whole chicken for dinner because I am basically Martha Stewart. Burned hand on Dutch oven lid [again]. Almost died.

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No cravings, but acutely aware of all the food commercials on TV. SO MANY TACO JOHNS. Enjoyed The Bachelor without wine for the first time ever.

Day 2

Had dream that I had a massive craving for toast and accidentally ate chocolate. Woke up confused, not craving anything, and really having to use the bathroom from all the water I drank yesterday. A little hungry - need bigger lunches. Made Zuppa Toscana for dinner with broccoli and worked a while while drinking coconut La Croix.

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Day 3


Had a dream that I ate a Zebra Cake. Had to go to the bathroom terribly when I woke up. Woke up naturally at 6 when I went to bed around 10, and wasn't really tired. A bit more hungry around 8:15. I don't think my meals are big enough because I was a little hungry after 3PM. Dinner was easy pulled pork on butter lettuce with avocado and salsa. Had two la croix drinks while I worked because they're amazing. How did I not try them sooner? Do they sell la croix at Costco? Bed at 10:30 and fell asleep quickly even though I didn't feel tired right away.

Day 4

No weird dreams! Woke up at 5AM not too tired but went back to bed until 6:30 and was a little groggy. VERY VERY SLIGHT HARDLY NOTICEABLE headache. Still not terribly hungry in the AM to have a big breakfast which is annoying. Only had half an apple and a hard boiled egg and a half because it's all I could stomach. Lunch was pulled pork on butter lettuce and kale with an avocado and salsa - delish. Also had more cucumber. Not starving at dinner. Had leftover roasted chicken and sprouts. Not super psyched to eat, just feeling blah. More water after dinner and Larabar for dessert.

Day 5

Freaking tired. Not excited by food. Can't deal with HBEs so made scrambled eggs for breakfast. Headache on right temple. Went to Stampede hockey game. Wanted popcorn and beer but there are worse things. It was nice to not be obsessed about what I was going to eat, like I usually would have been.

Day 6


Day 7

Busy shooting and meal prepping and then major break down at dinner. If someone would have put a cookie in front of me I would have eaten it.

Day 8

HBE, banana and almond butter for breakfast. Awesome egg salad for lunch with salad. Finally found Aidells chicken apple sausage at Target, so made my standby of sausage and sprouts for dinner. YUM. Watched The Bachelor with a Grapefruit La Croix and lemon - amazing. New go-to mocktail. Feeling better today and my energy felt more on track.

A few other thoughts from Week 1:

  • I planned planned planned and over-planned and it was so helpful. I prepped all my food for the week, as well as had everything on hand for all dinners so we could just pick what we wanted that night and go.
  • I also did a ton of research beforehand. I knew what to expect as far as my emotions and how I would feel physically so nothing came as a surprise. I read blog posts and articles about people who had completed Whole 30 and what they thought.
  • The majority of the week was SMOOTH SAILING. I was shocked at how easy it was. I really had minimal cravings and was rarely hungry.
  • Weeks are easy peasy compared to weekends. Weekends I'm more bored with food than I have ever been. I just want to eat out or order a pizza!
  • Going out to parties on Whole 30 is almost physically painful. On Saturday night we went to a friends and I immediately reached for buffalo chicken dip like no big deal before catching myself. Eventually I told Jeff we had to go because I needed to be back in my own environment. Once we were home, it was like a weight had been lifted.
  • That same night, we had my cousin and her fiancé over for dinner. I would have loved to have a drink and some bread, but because I had prepared really yummy food that was also Whole 30 compliant, I really didn't feel like I was missing out at all, and I was able to be social! It was a win-win. So...if you need social interaction, host a dinner party. It was great!

That's it for Week 1! Leave any questions or comments down below, and if you have a specific post you'd like to see about Whole 30, let me know!