Basement Leakage + Mad Jams


Hello friends!

Are you counting down the days to Christmas? I AM! I’m super excited to get to spend an extra-long weekend at home with both our families and relax.

After I published my last blog post complaining about the woes of high ceilings when one needs to paint, my best friend texted me with the name and number of her cousin Andy, a painter. He came over last weekend, gave us a great quote, worked Tuesday and Wednesday and now my entire upstairs is painted and fabulous. Seriously. It looks so good.

We went with a super-neutral grey - Agreeable Grey by Sherwin Williams - and did the entire upstairs main room. The foyer, staircase, living room, dining room, kitchen and hallway are all the same color because there are round corners and ain’t nobody got time for that. Plus. Grey. I love grey. All my stuff goes with grey, so let there be grey.

It’s amazing the difference a coat of paint makes. All my stuff looks different, the room looks more polished and I JUST LOVE IT. Not to mention that Andy did a KILLER job. All the edges were super clean and meticulous and he even took down and put back up the giant clock on the wall. He covered some serious ground in 2 days. Even cynical Jeff was impressed (after he had taken off all the light covers to inspect - he passed).

Moral of the story? Complain on your blog and your best friend’s cousin will save the day.

Anyway. In case I’ve tricked you into believing I live in fairy tale land, let me give you this anecdote. Last Friday after work I really wanted fajitas. Like, really. I got home and Jeff and a friend of his + friend’s wife were in the garage brewing beer (this is a thing at my house now; I’m honestly surprised it didn’t happen sooner). We had a couple drinks and hung out and it was super fun. Plus! The friend knew I loved wine, so he brought me four (FOUR) bottles of homemade wine, one of which tasted like caramel. It was a great Friday night.


So I went upstairs after they’d left to get ready and then make Jeff take me to go get fajitas. I may or may not have gotten distracted by Instagram, and all of a sudden I hear Jeff yelling for me. I also may or may not have chosen to ignore him for a while because…Instagram. But then his yells got all nervous-like and he was all, MADDIE WE HAVE A PROBLEM.

I go downstairs to find him in the laundry room which is completely covered in WATER. Everywhere.

Now. Our new house has a small laundry room that’s the only part of the house that isn’t finished. The floor is concrete and there’s a drain, so it could have been a lot worse, but for whatever reason the water wasn’t really draining so there was a decent amount of standing water in my basement. Good times.

We spent the next whiiiiiiile mopping up water, pushing it into the drain and inspecting other areas for wetness. Luckily the next-door bathroom was only a little wet, and there was some water on the carpet in the hallway, but for the most part it was just the laundry room. Jeff figured out that it was a pipe that burst while he was running water to brew beer, which meant for about 15 minutes it was like freaking Niagra Falls in my basement. Hence standing water.

As I kissed the prospect of fajitas good-bye, I began Facebook messaging everyone I know in Sioux Falls to see if anyone knew of a place where we could get a big fan and dehumidifier to dry out the room. Again, it’s not finished, but there’s enough exposed wood that it definitely needed to be dry.


So that’s how, on a Friday night, I ended up calling my mom’s cousin who I hadn’t seen since, I dunno, utero, and interrupting his family time to ask him to meet me at his shop because LO AND BEHOLD he owns a vacuum cleaning business and has a giant fan for me to use. Big shout out to Mitch. Sorry about your Friday night.

In case you’re wondering, I would still really like fajitas.

Anyway. Hope your week is going swimmingly (get it?). I’ve been jamming to Christmas music like it’s my job because we only have a short amount of time left before people get Grinch-y and don’t allow Christmas music. I made a playlist for you so you can Jingle Bell it up while you still can.