Holiday Gift Guide for Photographers


holiday-gift-guide-for-photographerFirst of all I REALIZE IT IS NOVEMBER and it hasn't even been Thanksgiving yet and the Christmas purists are going to get all up in my grill for putting the hypothetical horse before the cart, or in this case the tree before the turkey, BUT 1) it's like, ALMOST DECEMBER and also 2) it snowed so basically anything goes. Have a Holly Jolly Tuesday. Who's on your gift-buying list this year? Is there a photography lover on the list? IS IT ME!? If so, I've compiled a list of a bunch of things you can get me.

I KID. Any shutterbug in your life will totes love all of these things and also so do I so **WINK** JeffandMomandDad.

I joke with my photog buddies all the time about how long and expensive our Christmas Wish Lists are and that probably won't change, BUT there are smaller things out there that make great gifts and won't completely break the bank. Of course I've included a little bit of both in this list because THAT CAMERA BAG THO.

Without further ado...


1. Instagram Star onesie. I don't have a baby but when I do WATCH OUT because semi-obnoxious onesies are my thang. Of course if you're shopping for someone who doesn't communicate solely in the language of drool+cry, this website has a ton of adorable tees for adults AND babies. You can also just Google "photography t-shirts" because I may have found one that says "I've been known to flash people" which is the greatest.

2. Pretty Little Thing Kate Spade iPhone case. The best camera is the one you have with you, right? Right. But seriously, since the iPhone cameras have gotten so insanely fabulous I have no use for a point-and-shoot digital camera anymore; I either have my iPhone or my big girl camera. And you can bet if something is with me that often, it better have a cute outfit on. I'm kind of obsessed with basically all the Kate Spade iPhone cases. Can't go wrong.

3. Nikon D3000. YA'LL. This is the camera I learned photography on. Can I get a collective, 'Awwwww'? Yeah, it's an older model and you can get a D3100 or D3200 and it'll be a little bit nicer (still consumer grade/beginner level, just newer models), but when people ask what kind of camera they should start on, this is usually my answer. It's not fancy, doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, but it'll help you learn the basics and figure out if you're into photography or just like...iPhoneography. Which is also great! Just skip the kit lens though because it'll ruin your life. See #7 for a solid lens recommendation.

4. 8 GB SD Cards. The most boring gift of all time? Yes. But when was the last time you heard someone say, I just wish I didn't have SO MANY memory cards. They take up so much SPACE. Um. No. Stock up.

5. Made With Love Matte Gold Camera Strap. I'm not a camera strap fan because they either get in the way or offer a false sense of security, as proven in last week's lens murder that I'd rather not talk about. BUT if I was going to get a camera strap, I'd need it to be cute. This has sequins. So.

6. Camera Pillow. Cuz, cute.

7. 50mm 1.8D lens, AKA the Nifty Fifty. I did not make that up, it's a thing. Like I said, DO NOT BOTHER with crappy kit lenses that are life-ruiners, and go straight to the 50mm because it will not RUIN you, it will CHANGE you. I did not realize how fun photography could be until I got this lens. Seriously. This is so so so great for portraits. People ask me all the time how I get images where the subject is in focus and the background is blurry and I could spend hours talking about every-little-thing which I'm sure you'd all LOVE but the short of it is that it all started with this lens. Plus it's literally the cheapest lens in the history of ever. Buy it and never go back.

8. Kelly Moore 2 Sues bag in mustard. But Maddie, don't you already have a Kelly Moore bag? Why yes I do and I'd like another. This one is yellow, and you can fit a small village inside it. Nuff said.

9. Photography Mug. It's a COFFEE MUG that references PHOTOGRAPHY and WINE. Any questions?

Anything to add? Leave a comment! 


Love and Presents,