Editing lately: Mad Jams


DeathtoStock_Creative-Community3_web I'm a big fan of Netflix, period, but when I edit it's basically a necessity. I like having something that I've seen a thousand times before so I don't really have to watch it, but it's good background noise and keeps me entertained for hours and hours. One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls, and The Office are usually my go-to's. I've tried watching a new series for something different, but I end up so zoned into what I'm editing that I have no idea what happens. I've watched basically all of Mad Men while editing, but I could tell you almost nothing about it. Wah wahhh.

Anyway, a lot of my photog friends have similar Netflix strategies, but a few are really into Spotify. I started using Spotify a couple months ago and now I'm hooked. Two years late to the party, I KNOW. But it's awesome! I've found so many great new songs. I'm pretty sure Netflix will always be my first love language, but Spotify is a good second.

I thought I'd post my favorite playlist of-late in case anyone wanted some new tunes for their own playlist. THEN today when I got on iTunes, I saw that the free download of the day is Shut Up and Dance which is BASICALLY my new favorite song. IT'S SO GOOD. I dare you to listen to it and not dance. YOU CAN'T.

So, check out the Mad Jams below (get it?? Cuz I'm Maddie) and go grab Shut Up and Dance on iTunes. You will not regret it. Thank me later.


Love and #MadJams,