Apartment Life


Why hi. Watch out.

It's about to get complain-y up in here.

I thought I'd drop in to update you all (hi mom and also mom's friends) on my life since I know everyone has been wondering.

Like edge-of-your-seat I-wonder-how-Maddie-is-doing wondering.



We've made the move to Sioux Falls kind of but not really because we can't get into our new house yet because apparently I did something terrible in a former life so we're living the apartment life right now which Rue is a HUGE fan of. Huge.


And I really love it.

Also we don't have cable. So. If anyone tells me what happened in the last 3 weeks of Scandal/Grey's/Parenthood/Modern Family/Once Upon a Time I. will. end. you.

Despite my cheery demeanor this week everything BESIDES the fact that my home life is in shambles is going great. I love love love my new job and we love Sioux Falls and it was definitely the right move for us. I told Jeff last week that when we're finally in our house and settled on the 12th of Never I may actually explode from happiness because I'm actually REALLY happy right now and I'm essentially living out of a suitcase in a very small bedroom with a very small closet that I share with one human and one canine.

But. That was last week. Needless to say I think we're safe on the exploding front so dontchu worry bout me. I'll just be over here, huddled in a corner, crying, eating my hair. And listening to a LOT of Taylor Swift which is a wholenother topic I just can't talk about right now but I think we're teetering on obsession. Whoops.

In less sucky news, I'm closing out my biggest year yet with Mad Photo (YAY CLIENTS YOU ROCK) which is killer and means that I can upgrade to a full frame camera this winter so I'm jacked about that. In more sucky news, I will probably wait until we are closer to closing on the new house before I make any big purchases. YAY ADULTHOOD.

One of the things keeping me going in my current state of misery is decorating the new house via imagination and Pinterest with my oodles of (Monopoly) money. I don't know much, but I know as soon as I have a real office again, this is going in it:

Keep Calm Beyonce

I guess until then I'll channel Queen Bey and try to raise above the madness. Wish me luck and wine.