What I'm Doing Now


Oh look. Maddie figured out another way to blog in list format without it actually being a list. Kind of. So...it's basically a list.

Hold on to your hats.


Making: quick work of a bottle of wine.

Drinking: see above. Also an insane amount of water because I ate way too much pizza for dinner and the thirst is real.

Wanting: more than one good hair day in a row without having to sacrifice my first born or something. Currently I'm averaging one good hair day for every colossal disaster hair day. I do NOT appreciate it.

Eating: nothing. I'm full for the first time today. My hunger is OUT OF CONTROL, I'm assuming due to the fact that I hadn't been to the gym in a hot minute before Monday, and then I got back there 3/3 days this week but didn't really eat anything more than usual, and today it was like WAM I could eat a house. So I basically did and now I'm fullllll. Of pizza.

Smelling: outside. There's two weeks in the spring and two weeks in the fall in the Midwest where you can sleep with the windows open without freezing to death or over heating, and that time is now. IT IS GLORIOUS.

Wishing: for the week to be OVER. It's been a long 3 days.

Enjoying: a One Tree Hill binge session while I edit at night. All night every night.

Loving: Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty. I'm obsessed with this lady's books. My Husband's Secret and What Alice Forgot were THEEE BEST.

Hoping: that all our current plans pan out. Lots of balls in the air right now, but that's exciting right!? (no. the planner in me says no.)

Needing: a few more things to complete my fall wardrobe. Know where I can find comfy maroon skinny jeans/cords? Me either.

Feeling: sore. Monday was leg day and yesterday was cardio day and today I could barely get through upper body because of THE SORENESS. Awful. Getting back to the gym is a word-that-rhymes-with-witch.

Wearing: super comfy new sweat pants and a t shirt that says But First. Coffee. because obviously.

Bookmarking: nothing out of the ordinary lately, but this seems like a great opportunity to mention my current favorite blogs.

Noticing: how clean my house is right now. Something about the change in seasons makes me want to get super organized, and a cleared off desk does not make me mad. Not at all.

Love and Lists,