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Oh. A list post. Because I've never done that before. -- Jeff and I attended an Essig family reunion this weekend, which for those of you who are just huge fans of my blog and don't actually know me in real life, AKA no one, that's my dad's family. He's the youngest of 5 sisters and from what I've gathered in my lifetime, was kind of a hellion as a child so I truly adore getting to sit around with his sisters while they swap stories. And I know that everyone is convinced that No, my family is the best, but mine really is, guys. Sorry.

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The reunion was at a campground in a little town in Minnesota where my grandma lived before she died, and I hadn't been there in years so it was good to be back. Jeff and I took the camper and my parents crashed with us, which was comical because a sprawling camper with tons of space we do not have. It worked though, and my mom didn't even complain once. When we were packing up though, I did hear her say something about hotel reservations for next year, so perhaps Happy Camper is pushing it. Tolerating It Camper, maybe.

--We were in charge of sweets for the weekend, and now I have a few leftover brownies and UGH I've been reminded why I don't keep anything in my house that isn't berries and twigs because SELF CONTROL. I have none of it. ESPECIALLY when it comes to brownies. I truly think I could eat an entire pan and I'm not lying. I'm trying to get rid of them at work today but the smell is intoxicating and I've maybe had 2 so. There's that.

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--I'm on a major sweet potato kick lately which I guess is a little weird but come on not THAT WEIRD or so I thought but I've gotten about 12 Are You Sure You Aren't Pregnant?'s since the kick began and the answer is No but way to give a girl a complex. I'm blaming the brownies for any excess uterine buldge.

--So if we're Facebook buddies you've seen this but Oh. My. So funny. I watched it at work because I'm a rule breaker and I was actually shaking because I was silent-laughing so hard and I didn't want to disturb anyone.

--I'm in the process of "streamlining my wardrobe." I'm not sure where I got this idea and thought it was a good one, but it's painful, you guys. PAINFUL. File this under First World Problems I'm lucky to have I KNOW, I get it, I'm terrible. But. It. Sucks. I feel like I'm finally a little bit maybe coming into a style that is my own and not necessarily super trendy or teeny-boppery and I want my wardrobe to reflect that and still look chic and not frumpy but then I get overwhelmed and end up with 4 gray cardigans and a white t-shirt. Yay variety.

SO, I'm attempting to pare down my wardrobe so it's not so insanely full of junk that I don't wear anyway. I was thinking about people who live in New York and other places with tragically small closets and how they don't have sprawling wardrobes of $10 Forever 21 pieces but rather a few remixable, higher-end pieces that will last years and are timeless and classic. That's what I want.I love the idea of having a smaller, less overwhelming theory. But in practice I'm all, BUT ONE TIME IN COLLEGE I WORE THAT SHIRT AND SOMEONE SAID IT MADE ME LOOK THIN SO I NEED IT. Hm.

Anyway, I just sold a bunch of dresses that I bought impulsively and now I'm on the lookout for a maxi dress and/or maxi skirt and/or knee-length dress that I can wear to work or get groceries or out to dinner and it would work for basically everything and I feel like I'm not being TOO PICKY because really it just needs to be a neutral color and flattering cut but NOTHING. NOTHING is out there. And can we talk about why ones that almost make the cut aren't lined? Who decided it was OK to not line a dress that touches you in places there are lumps and bumps? Looking at you, Target.

--I can't stop with this song. It's my current soundtrack, and every time it comes on I feel the need to DANCE. And not just a little jig but DANCE. Jumping and twirling and clapping and stomping. Ugh I miss Zumba.

--Jeff and I are currently in a stand off because I reallyreallyreally want to go to Mexico this winter and he has the audacity to suggest we do boring things like pay off loans and such. The nerve. I'm trying to prove that we can do both, which resulted in me talking myself out of almost everything that *almost* made its way into my cart at Target yesterday. I KNOW. I mean, I still bought a pair of pajama shorts and some chicken for dinner but what am I supposed to do, sleep naked? Starve? Let's not get crazy.

--My brother- and sister-in-law are headed out to Sturgis this weekend so we're puppy sitting this little lady and I'm so excited. Jeff is bringing her home tonight so I'll probably get nothing done but cuddling. I'm sure Rue will either be so excited her tail will practically fall off or completely oblivious so basically it's just another Monday at the Peschong's.

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Any ideas for where to shop as I makeover my closet? All suggestions welcome. Keep in mind I'm not a Kardashian, either in style or wealth.

Love and Lists,