20 Questions


Internets. It’s been too long.

How about a little 20 questions to resurrect the blog?

  • Thing you cannot leave the house without? Is this even a real question? My phone. Hello.
  • Favorite brand of makeup? I recently switched to Bare Minerals and my life will never be the same. BB Cream. Nuff said.
  • Favorite flower? Tulips are my soul sisters.
  • Favorite clothing store? I’m a big fan of the Loft and their frequent sales.
  • Favorite perfume? Being as most mornings I forget deodorant, I do not have time for other smells. But since I got married we’ve been buying the fancy name-brand detergent and MY GOD YOU GUYS I understand the hype.
  • Heels or flats? Wedges. I’m a rebel.
  • Do you make good grades? I don’t understand this question. I’m an a-dult so I don’t have grades any more, but yeah, in school I always had good grades, sans for the one time I decided that despite a complete lack of math knowledge I should take College Prep Functions, Statistics and Trigonometry and maybe had a D for an eensy bit. There was also a brief stint in College Prep Chemistry but we don’t talk about that.
  • Favorite colors? YELLOW. I also like blue. And gray for clothes because I’m a neutral luvah.
  • Do you drink energy drinks? F to the NO that shiz terrifies me.
  • Do you drink juice? I used to be obsessed with orange juice but now basically all I drink is water and coffee and clear liquor. LOL but seriously. Unless you want to put some champagne in that OJ in which case CHEERS.


  • Do you like swimming? I could do without the wearing a bikini part but I love me some water.
  • Do you eat fries with a fork? ???? No.
  • Favorite moisturizer? I’ve been using something from Dove lately and I like that for my face, but on the rest of me I’ve been using coconut oil like a hippie and I love it.
  • Do you want to get married later on in life? Definitely. (LOL)


  • Do you get mad easily? I have little to no patience, which often results in frustration, which often results in anger.
  • Are you into ghost hunting? WTF? No.
  • Any phobias? WHERE DO I BEGIN. I don’t like people touching or drawing attention to the insides of my arms or my spine because Ew. I have to have a water bottle within arms reach at all times because dehydration is real, people. I’m 90% sure I will die by being sucked into an escalator. Birds and fish have no place in this world except on my dinner plate, unless that means I have to cook them because I do not “do” raw meat.
  • Do you bite your nails? Kinda sometimes but they’re painted [grey] most of the time so that helps.
  • Have you ever had a near death experience? Not that I recall.
  • Do you drink coffee? People who don’t drink coffee are devil worshippers and I’m Catholic so I’m pretty sure devil worshipping of any kind is against the law.

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 8.23.12 PM

In other news, my best friend is having a baby any day now (update: my blog broke last week when I wrote this so ACTUALLY baby has been borned and ACTUALLY she's perfect, in case you were wondering which you were) so I went on BabyCenter.com and made a profile because IDK curiosity??? Or I’m just really really weird or both. So then I realized it’s basically only for pregnant people or people with kids not people who are snooping and just curious. It asked for a due date which should have been my first clue but I couldn’t go any further on the site til I gave them a due date so I made something up and NOW I get an email every way too often like YOUR BABY IS THE SIZE OF A FINGERNAIL!!!! And I’m like NO. NO it is not. I do not have a baby and this is weird. Do you know how strange it is to be NOT pregnant and get an email on your phone that’s like YOUR BABY’S SIZE THIS WEEK. NO NO NO. Go away please stop. And you’re probably like unsubscribe but guys I’VE TRIED and I keep getting the emails.

So I guess I’ll just keep getting a Weekly State of the Not Actually Inhabited Uterus every week until Baby Center figures it out. So never.

Yours weirdly,