Making A List // 23rd Birthday Edition

I don't know if you follow me on Pinterest, but it's a pretty good time over there. Not only do I pin things like ORGANIZE YOUR SMALL BUSINESS TAXES IN ONE DAY and then never follow through, but I also make handy dandy boards of things that I love/want/must have so at any given time if someone wants to buy me something LO AND BEHOLD, they can. You're welcome.

I tend to get a little cray cray on these boards a few times a year, most notably, MY BERFDAY. My mother made the mistake of making birthdays a REALLY big deal when we were young, and she's paying the price now because her nearly 23-year-old, completely independent, well-employed, and successfully married-off daughter sends her an annual birthday list that is basically a work of art. I know she looks forward to this day every year.

Anywho, I was putting the finishing touches on my b-day list this year and thought I should share with you guys. Not because I want you to buy me presents (you can) but because there is some REALLY cool stuff out there that you should be aware of when you're making your mom your birthday list (no? just me?).



ONE // Chestnut Tieks // Major LOLz here because these cost about as much as a car (slight hyperbole) and I won't be getting any any time soon, BUT apparently they're the best flats on the planet and are more supportive than what's in my closet right now. AND they don't look like orthopedic shoes. Sue me for wanting my chiropractor to stop saying not-so-subtle things like, "Stop wearing these shoes they're terrible." Maybe insurance will cover them?

TWO // Starbucks Tumbler // I have a serious problem with plastic tumblers. I can't get enough. I need to have water within two feet of me at all times, so why can't it be in a cute cup? It's better for the planet and I look trendy and adorable (maybe). Plus, the tumbler I have right now is cracked in like three places and it's only a matter of time, really.

THREE // White Office Chair // Jeff and I share an office chair right now and it's about as convenient as it sounds. Granted, I'm not home during the day so really it's entirely possible for us to share, but neither of us love it. Plus, the one we have is a cheap-o from IKEA. Office chairs aren't USUALLY cheap, though, so I haven't sprung on anything yet. That said...I can't decide if I'd be offended if I got an office chair for my birthday, so tread carefully, Jeff.

FOUR // Stella & Dot Necklace // ...and about three other necklaces. I luuurve scarves, but there a little harder to rock when it's a bazillion degrees outside, so necklaces are my summer accessory of choice. Plus, bling.

FIVE // West Elm Coffee Mugs // I feel like adults have matching coffee mugs, and I'm not sure why because I grew up with my parents having every awesomely kitschy mug known to man. Every small town bank, insurance agent, and realtor was represented in their coffee mug cabinet. And to be honest, I have a coffee mug hoarding problem and love buying them as souvenirs when traveling, so I don't know why I want matchy mugs when I'm just going to keep accumulating more, but I REALLY REALLY WANT THEM. Plus, the blue and yellow would look on.point. in my kitchen, guys.

SIX // Bare Minerals READY eye shadow in Dream Sequence // Ya'll, I know. It's purple eye shadow. But I got my make up done for a bachelorette party a few weeks ago, and the makeup lady used this and it was AMAAAAAAAZING. It's actually really pretty and subtle and I'm kind of obsessed with it now. Bare Minerals ain't cheap (which seems to be a recurring theme of everything on my list...) but I recently discovered you can find a LOT of products on Amazon and helloooooo my husband has a Prime membership and I have his password...

SEVEN // J Crew Scarf // Remember how I said scarves are harder to wear in the summer? I think this would be an exception. The fabric looks pretty light and the color is sooo pretty, and it's the only thing on my list that's 30% off right now. Woo!

EIGHT // Desk Organizer // Organization and beauty? Oh hi, come live at my desk.

NINE // Herb Garden Markers // I don't claim to have any sort of green thumb, but I DID successfully bring a dead basil plant back to life last summer. How it got to be dead in the first place is a true mystery and I'm sure has nothing to do with me not watering it. Probably. Any way, these herb markers are suuuuuper cute and would be perfect because Jeff and I want to plant a garden this summer so we can live off the land and make salsa and stuff.

Soo...did I miss anything that every 23-year-old must have? What's at the top of your I WANT IT BAD list? It should be noted that I left a few really epic things off this list like a sweet salad-spinner and color-coded (coated? both?) plastic spatulas, but they're in a safe place on my wish list so don't you worry bout a thang.