Death to cable TV


This weekend was absolutely delightful. De. Light. Ful.

Things have been full-steam ahead cray cray up in herrrr lately, and this weekend we had NOTHING on the calendar and enjoyed a weekend of down time before all the fun that's coming (our best friends are getting married, we're relaxing at my parents cabin with family at the end of April, another bestie is celebrating her bachelorette party in May, my sister turns 21, AND we're meeting our new niece/nephew, who should be making his/her arrival anyyyyyy time now!)

So yeah, the shiz is crazy, but it's all the best kind of crazy :)

Anywho, the weekend was spent doing a whole lot of nothing, including but not limited to:

Friday night sorbet

sorbet maddie's memos

Sunday morning iced coffee (x2)

iced coffee maddie's memos

And lots and lots of #ruegram on the Insta. Obviously.

ruegram maddie's memos

ruegram maddie's memos

Despite all the loveliness, Jeff and I both were under the weather for the majority of the weekend with a cold that felt strangely like death. It probably ended up for the better because it forced us to take it easy, especially on Saturday when the bug was out for blood, but the numerous boxes of tissues we murdered may say differently. Regardless, I'm feeling much better today and even made it to the gym for a Crossfit-inspired workout that our trainer prescribed this week to no doubt kill us slowly. So that was fun.

For weeks now, Jeff has been going back and forth on whether or not to cancel our cable and get satellite TV. We pay AN INSANE AMOUNT for a measly number of cable channels, and I swear to Cher every time there's a plot twist on Once Upon a Time, or a hilar one-liner on The Big Bang Theory, the damn TV cuts out for about 5 seconds and you miss EVERYTHING. It is infuriating. I can't even.

Not to mention that our Internet is slower than molasses in January and if we both want to be on the Internet at the same time FUGETABOUTIT, and I had to stop offering digital downloads as part of client photography packages because it was literally taking me 12+ hours to upload a handful of photos. First world problems? Maybe, but still enough to drive me completely crazy.

Soooo we finally bit the bullet (and by we I mean Jeff who thought much longer and harder about everything than I did; he made spreadsheets comparing prices and I got angry at the WiFi and threw my iPad and cursed various colorful four-letter words. Patience may be a virtue but it ain't mine, nawww'i mean?). And let me tell you: it is glorious. Do you have satellite? It is the coolest thing ever. Right now I'm watching last Thursday's Grey's Anatomy in my bedroom even though it was recorded on the DVR in the living room. How?! Magic??? I don't know but it is the absolute greatest and we're never going back. Not to mention MOVIE CHANNELS YOU GUYS. We get 3 months of free-free-flippity-free movie channels so I've just been watching movies when I ever-so please cuz I'm crazy like that.

In summary, maybe you DON'T have the pleasure of living in a town where one satanic cable company has the monopoly and therefore chooses to amp up their cable/internet prices sky high, but even still, you should probs check out satellite TV. It's come a long way since your parents satellite TV that went out during a stormy Saturday night viewing of Brave Little Toaster and ruined your life. 90s babies holler back.

**this is not a sponsored post. The satellite people have no idea who I am, but I will put it out there that if they felt ever-so-inclined to give me free movie channels for the rest of my life I would gladly accept and wax poetic about them on my blog with pathetic viewership whenever they wanted. Thnx.