Al and Caity | Le Mars Engagement Portraits


I'm not sure if words can explain how much I love this couple, but hey, I'll try Caity and I have been besties since before I can remember. We were talking the other day, trying to figure out when we first met, and neither of us could put a finger on it. I think it was some time in middle school, but I've purposefully blocked out 6th-8th grade (bad hair, braces), so I can't be sure.

Caity on the other hand, has never had an awkward stage. Seriously. I've seen photos from every stage of her life and there is not an awkward stage among them. The girl is totally gorgeous, inside and out, which is why I get a little misty when I think about how happy I am that she's found her man. His name is Al.

Al happens to be another bestie of mine, and I'm not just saying that. He and my husband go way-way back, and when Jeff and I first started dating, I just clicked with Al. He's an easy guy to be around...and he's freakishly similar to the guy I married. Caity and I giggle about that on the regular.

I actually introduced Caity and Al when we were in high school. At the time, I thought they'd be cute together and I wanted to spend more time with my best friend, without sacrificing time with my new boyfriend. A bazillion double dates later...MY PLAN TOTALLY WORKED.

But seriously...these two couldn't be more perfect for each other. You can just tell in these photos that they are absolutely meant to be and I can't wait to stand up as Cait's maid-of-honor on April 12. I'll be the one subtly crying tears of joy into her bouquet.

Mad Photo and Design engagement photographyCongrats Caity and Al! It makes me so happy to see you so happy. I'm so glad to call you my best friends! Can't wait for April 12, 2014!