Cleaning up images with Photoshop | Before and After


I love Photoshop. I’ll gladly sing it’s praises any day. However, Photoshop can not save a crappy photo. It just can’t. Not all composition problems can be saved by the crop tool, and not all lighting woes can be alleviated if you shoot in RAW (although seriously…a lot can). If the photo is bad, it’s bad. However, a lot of the time, a photo is great but just needs to be amped up to make it amazing. I especially like using Photoshop after I’ve shot something indoors, to adjust the lighting a little bit.

After Baby Landon’s photo shoot, I was left with a ton of absolutely adorable photos that needed only minor adjustments – but I think the minor adjustments made all the difference! Check out this Before & After:

Cleaning up photos in Photoshop | Mad Photo & Design Baby Photography

The first thing I did here was increase the brightness. I do this in almost every image because I think the brighter, the better (to a degree ;) ). This helped take some shadows off his face and brighten his eyes. I usually like to increase eye brightness a BIT more – without getting too fake – so I whitened up the whites of his eyes a bit. I also cloned out his foot behind his ear since it was distracting and taking away from the focus on his cute face.

I also cloned the corners so all you can see is couch, as opposed to odd little dark patches from the back and foreground. I removed some of the redness from his skin, and that’s it! A few really basic edits and the image is so.much.better. See why I love Photoshop?! ;)