Things that make you feel like you are seriously dying/dead

Crunching ice while wearing headphones. The GoldensOnInstagram account on Instagram (heart explosion).

Stuffing your face with muffins and cookies and doughnuts and a Diet Coke and being REALLYREALLYENTERGETICFORLIKEANHOURANDTHEN crash.

Eating two slices of deliciously salty bacon breakfast pizza and then being so thirsty you can’t remember if you are at work or in the Mojave Desert.

Ashley and JP’s wedding (gag me).

Sprawling out in awkward yoga positions on the bedroom floor at midnight because God gave you old lady hips that sometimes like to pretend they are on fire.

The fact that you have to do the awkward yoga positions thisclose to your bed and you can’t look but your foot is touching the bed skirt and you’re 90% sure that’s where the Boogieman lives and he’s going to grab you like that one episode of Dinosaurs or that Disney movie Don’t Look Under the Bed.

Parenthood (the. tears.).

Getting super excited about the Michael Buble Christmas station on Pandora and plugging in your headphones and putting them in and realizing you forgot to turn down the volume and now you’re deaf.

Realizing your jeans are really really dark and your shirt is black and your sweater is black and basically you showed up for work looking like a ninja in snow boots and an infinity scarf, neither of which can save your outfit.

The Mayans.


As much as I wish the world wouldn’t end until I get married or someone get’s pregnant on The Bachelor – whichever comes first – happy end of the world day!

Oh...and welcome to my new blog! Maybe it'll make it to 2013.