Danielle + Alex: Simply Elegant Le Mars, Iowa Summer Wedding

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When I met Danielle, the first word that came to mind was 'fate.' She had followed me on social media for a bit but our paths hadn't crossed otherwise. After a few years, she put it together that her coworker was actually my cousin and very best friend, Katie. Danielle got in touch about her wedding over a year ago, and we realized that we had a ton of mutual Iowa friends. I found out that Danielle and her fiancé actually grew up in Le Mars, Iowa–the town Jeff and I lived in for two years. We even went to the same church! 

I say all of this because the bigger story here is how fate brought Alex and Danielle together. These two grew up in the same town, but as Danielle said, it was safe to say they had no idea each other existed through elementary and middle school years (even though they both attended Gehlen Catholic School!). 

Alex and Danielle started to notice each other a bit more in high school. Alex's mom coached Danielle in track, and Danielle's dad coached Alex in football - you guys, I couldn't make this up if I tried. SONY, BUY THE MOVIE RIGHTS. Both of their parents have actually been super involved in their now son and daughter-in-law's lives since they were kids–HOW COOL is that!?

Alex remembers casually chatting with Danielle at the batting cages in high school, but nothing more came of their relationship until years later, when Danielle was home in Le Mars for a weekend. She ran into Alex at The Bar (nope, seriously, that's what the bar is called and I'm obsessed), and while everyone else exchanged Hello's, Alex stayed silent. Danielle tweeted Alex later calling him out on his "rude" (her words!) lack of a greeting, and the rest is history. 

It's safe to say by the time we all got together to celebrate the wedding of Danielle and Alex on a gorgeous July day, it was about time these two say, I do! The day started with Danielle and her girls getting ready at Danielle's aunt's gorgeous home in central Le Mars. The light in here was a dream, and I was beside myself capturing all Danielle's sweet, simple, but supremely elegant details. 

The ceremony was at St. Joseph's Church in Le Mars, and it was so fun to revisit since Jeff and I attended mass there when we lived in Iowa. This church is beyond stunning - all the beauty of a classic Catholic church, but with modern finishes and gorgeous architecture. And finally, the party got underway at the Le Mars Convention Center, complete with BBQ from Famous Dave's and a late night snack of Jerry's Pizza–and if you're not from Sioux City or Le Mars and have never experienced the glory that is Jerry's, you need to change that ASAP. It's the best pizza around.

Alex and Danielle, I'm so glad fate led us all here and I'm so thankful I got to be the one to capture your amazing day. I hope you too enjoy your Boston honeymoon (I'm extremely jealous) and I can't wait to see you when you get back! I hope you love reliving your day through this post as much as I did. Cheers!

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